Responsive WordPress Website Development

hp-2-lrgAt we have over 25 years of combined custom website design experience! With offices in western Washington and Boise, Idaho, we provide WordPress website development, website re-design, organic search engine optimization, website hosting, and many other related services to small businesses around the globe. Combine all of this with great customer service and it’s easy to understand how many of our clients become friends that we look forward to working with year after year.

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This page on an iPhone. Click for full size image

State-of-the Art Responsive (mobile device friendly) Design – At we use only the finest WordPress themes (the look and feel of the website) designed by theme developers from around the world. Since 2012 all of our websites have been built on Responsive WordPress themes. A responsive theme is able to “sense” the resolution (or width) of the device it is being display upon. These include desktop monitors, laptops, and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones in both the vertical and horizontal formats. Responsive website themes will automatically reformat the information so that the text is readable without horizontal scrolling or “zooming” with you fingers on a touch screen.

Since as many as half of all Internet search are now being on mobile devices, and major search engines like Google clearly identify “Mobile friendly” websites on their results pages, non-responsive websites have truly become very “twentieth century”. For more information about responsive website design see these articles:

The Importance Of Responsive Web Design For B2B Sites — Search Engine Land Blog – 12/23/2013

How Important Is Responsive Design? — The Huffington Post Blog – 07/06/2014

Our philosophy in website development is that if we make your business more successful, our business will take care of itself. Our focus is to help you succeed! We accomplish this by developing a website that:

  • Appears high in the major search engines for phrases that apply to your service or product.
  • Contains copy that pleases both the search engines and the human reader.
  • Is eye-catching, easy to navigate: clean websites that maintain the visitor’s attention.
  • Provides safe (non-spam producing) contact forms, maps, and other information so visitors can reach you.
  • Maintains security through our updating services that ensure security of the high-speed Linux hosting servers, your WordPress installation, website theme and plugins.

Once your website visitor contacts you, our job is over and your job begins. Together we can generate new contacts and thereby increase your bottom line. In the end, everybody wins!

Contact Us at for more information or to schedule a free website analysis presentation at your office soon!