Monday Morning Blog

A trip to Elko…

I’m back to doing my weekly blogs — hopefully. I tend to do these personal/photo blogs on Sunday evenings and sometimes I don’t get them done, but I will try. I’m going to start blogging more about business during the work week as well. I hope you find those interesting — there are a lot of exciting changes taking place at

A couple of weeks ago my brother and I met in the Salt Lake City airport to ...

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Cowgirls and Rodeo Clowns

First, let me apologize for not doing a blog last Monday. I made a trip back to Montana to visit family in Butte and my four very best friends in Kalispell. It was an amazing trip but left no time for blogging…sorry!

Then, since I now live in beautiful western Washington, but most of my stock photos used in these weekly blogs are from the Rocky Mountain states, the title “Monday Morning Greeting from God’s Country” has left some folks scratching ...

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Transportation in the State of Montana

Several years ago, while living in Kalispell, Montana, I received a phone call from the Montana Department of Transportation wondering if I might be able to do some photography for them in my local area. They had a fairly long list of photos they needed all within about twenty-five miles of my home. I told them I would be happy accept the assignment and asked what the time frame was for the job — “would tomorrow be possible?”, I was ...

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Walkin’ Jim Stoltz

I like my dogs better than most people I’ve met. In fact, I love my dogs, and I actually love very few people. The ones I do are very, very special to me. Like Walkin’ Jim Stoltz

I met Jim about eighteen years ago at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana. Nestled in a valley below the Spanish Peaks in southwest corner of the state, “The Ranch” was one of those very special places many people only read ...

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