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Hidden Springs Business Directory Signups Underway

Hidden Springs, Idaho, April 30 —

Businesses have begun to signup for the new Hidden Springs Business Directory being developed by Joan Peterson, owner of The Dry Creek Mercantile and Bill Brockett, owner of Bill is in Idaho until the middle of May meeting with Hidden Springs area businesses and developing individual pages. Here is the message that went out to selected area businesses this week…

Greetings from:
Joan Peterson (The Dry Creek Mercantile) and
Bill Brockett (

We are contacting you today because of your business connection to the Hidden Springs, Idaho community…and to make you aware of a new project that we are very excited about!

As many of you know, The Merc has been involved in a sizable expansion over the past year or so…adding considerable retail space as well as several new vacation lodging rooms upstairs. During this time Bill’s company has done a complete re-design the The Merc’s website ( as well as several other new websites for other Hidden Springs area businesses.

In addition to the new Merc website, Joan and Bill have been working together to develop a marketing tool for Hidden Springs businesses (both brick-and-mortar and home-based) as well as area businesses that offer services either in Hidden Springs or to Hidden Springs residents in the surrounding communities. Nearly a year of discussion and planning have gone into the development of this brand new website, A more abbreviated second domain name of has also been setup.

You might think of this business directory website as a local Angie’s List or Yelp, with trusted businesses listed by categories with ratings on their individual pages. Each business will have its own page, with its own individual address (like These pages are searchable within the website and are search engine friendly (for Google, Bing, Yahoo…) and the business owners will have login access to easily edit and maintain their own page. Honestly, there is so much we want to share with you about this directory, and how we plan to promote it, that it’s too much to go into here!

Several of Bill’s Idaho website clients, and Hidden Springs community services like the library and fire department, have agreed to be “Guinea Pigs” for this project. You will find working pages under the following categories listed on the homepage: Business Services • Community Services • Construction & Contractors • Education • Event Services & Planning • Food & Dining • Home & Garden • Internet & Web Services • Wallpaper Sales & Installation.

So here’s the bottom line…the cost of participation in this new Hidden Springs Business Directory website is a one-time fee of $249.00 for the initial setup (individual page development and search engine optimization) and $25.00 per year for hosting…that’s it. Seriously! And, if Bill’s company develops a new website for your business, your directory page is free!

We hope that you will want to be a part of this very exciting web-based directory. The website is state-of-the-art, mobile device friendly, and plans are in the works for a Hidden Springs, Eagle, North Boise area event calendar to draw even more visitors to the site. And we will be promoting this directory on social media, with flyers, by word-of-mouth, and any other means possible to the Hidden Springs community.

Bill will be following up this message with a phone call to answer questions and go over more details with you. Your business was hand-picked as one of the first to be offered this opportunity and we hope that you will take advantage of it. We will work for you to ensure that your investment is just that…and that it pays dividends to you and your business.

Feel free to contact Bill Brockett at (406) 261-5662 if you have any questions.


Joan Peterson, Owner, Dry Creek Mercantile

Bill Brockett, Owner,